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They are moved to show charity and be part of the greater good in such areas as a health care giver and the inner spiritual side that is rules by spirits that tell the person to heal , comfort and assist others in all doings. Offer ebo to Ifa for yourself and on behalf of your father / mother as a token of appreciation. Ifa training is for a lifetime so it won't teach you everything. In this way, Os If encourages the devotee to continually align herself with the will of Oldmar as it flows from heaven to earth and back. Esu Alaje is the one who helps to obtain wealth. IFA is open to all Souls with Iwa Pele (Good Character) and IFA crosses all color lines. in the following table. Owonrin woka woka (Name of sage) Ifa advices to propitiate your Ori. Ire comes from accessing Oguns Ase, which is the Ase of the courage to take responsibilities for all of your problems and the willingness to face them head on. Ifa hears our prayers and gives us messages on those days as well so that even on a weekly basis we remain on track and know what to work on. Esu Ogo is also used to acquire luck and also health. It is important to understand that while Orisa and Ifa work together for our greatest good they are two separate practices and entities. Ifa said, by being generous to people, the enemies will harm themselves. paperback. WHEN IF TELLS YOU TO FEED OR, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Have faith and lean on Ifa whenever you experience moments in your life that make you feel like you dont have anyone in your life to lean on. When Did The Nile Valley Civilization Exist. Ki gbogbo eniyan kaakiri agbaye gbarajo, kiwon maa gbe'mi n'ija, kiegbe mi leke ota. Introduction In Ifa the odu Oshe Bile (Oshe Irete) gives significance of divination of the coconut. In the Afro-Cuban practice of If it is known as Elegua, although its correct name in Yoruba is Elegbara. Some may have hundreds of ese or versus. There are a total of 256 odu that make up the foundation of the Ifa religion. The convex side (outer part) of the opele nut represents the 0 of an odu sign and the concave side (inner part) of the opele nut represents the 1 of the odu sign. People consult Ifa for divine intervention and spiritual guidance. Visualize the relentless flow of cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians, moving in all directions. She also assist others in understanding the IF SCRIPTURES beyond literal translation, so that they can be able to perform their Spiritual exercises intelligently. Please subscribe to be notified when new odu is published. Ifa said that she will have her own husband , that he will be someone of very good character from among the diviners, that she is the one he will marry, but she must make sacrifice. Scan QR code below to Donate Bitcoin to Ooduarere. an odu ifa is marked in iyerosun powder, the Awo will engrave the sign starting The person who wishes to be initiated into Eshu must first acquire knowledge of this Orisa. She started to tread the ifa/r path since year 2010, but became fully initiated in year 2012 and started her trainings as a spiritual counselor and educator since year 2017. A Babalawo (father of the secrets) is a male person who has been initiated to Ifa. In the same way that a musicians performance absolutely depends on practice, so must a devotee prepare herself to carry out her spiritual mission. In Ogbe Ofun, it means that the person is in alignment with their destiny and is receiving blessings as a result of the effectiveness of their prayers and spiritual discipline. What is Ose Ifa? Other materials such as Obi abata (four-lobed Obi Kola), salt, pepper, Emu (Palm Wine) can also be used among other ingredients. Mental health, financial stability, clarity of my destiny and life purpose are just a few milestones Ifa* has lead me to achieve. 623 Likes, 13 Comments - Oba Ifa Doller (@ifadollar9787) on Instagram: "Ose eyonu Oshole aje tested and confirm ogun tinje nbe ose towe Lekan so so tosigbowo todaju pa No" ; Also, note: Bi owe, Bi owe, Ru Ifa Soro! This course is a comprehensive training that will cover many foundational priesthood requirements. El que da lo que tiene a pedir se queda. They have worked hard to provide for you and to help you reach great heights. use of 0s and 1s. from right to left. Humans are born with a spectrum of potential that cannot be changed. It says the solidification of the past lays the foundation for that which is to come. Let all those in the world gather to help me, through my difficulties, to defeat my enemies. There are various stories about the origin of the 16 major odu. There could be various reasons for this. In this 45-minute training, participants will learn: *The purpose and importance of Ose Ifa (Ifa Day) *How to Prepare. In addition to performing rituals, worship and ceremonies, a Babalawo will chant and interpret the Odu that comes when performing divination . Benque Viejo, Belize. He has taught me that r* worship is not just a religion but a total philosophy and way of life. advising the person or community for which this Odu was marked, to be careful xiv) Irete Meji: Under this odu, Orunmila speaks of possible initiation into IFA to guarantee long life and good health. Os If is fundamental Yorb spiritual conditioning. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Each odu contains information associated with the good and the bad. Ifa The verses of odu OSE -OKANRAN recited with their narratives are below: 1.Ifa said this is a year of blessings. Live the Medicine! The teachings shared during Os If sharpen the mind and soften the heart. There are multiple methods used to An important concept of Ifa and Orisa practice is the cycle of worship days. iii) Iwori Meji: It focuses on the ability to identify REAL possibilities. references to Esu in this Odu, the orisha considered to be the messenger Posted by: ayangalu (male, female, in together in twoness). Do not let that bring you down or make you feel bad. Esu is one of the most important Orisa for traditional Yoruba practice, because there is no initiation without Esu being propitiated. Rate this book. Each Odu has over 4000 interpretations/verses/stories which pertains to the human being for whom it appears when consulted by a competent Ifa diviner (Babalawo). The great one, Ifa, I have come to give my thanks. Each of the four cardinal points North, South, East and West embodies a transformative principle of, One of our most significant assets for keeping sustained spiritual alertness is through hearing and telling the sacred stories of Odu Ifa. system of divination conceptualized many centuries ago by the Yoruba people of This is the day when the awo divine for the entire, It is not the practice to paint dry palm fronds with camwood, These were Ifa's messages for Oosanla Oseremagbo, Obatala was in need of a wife who would assist him in his mission on Earth. Welcome to Il Awo, the first page of traditional If Yorbin Spanish, and now in Portuguese and English. Learn more about Odu Ifa This allows for us to be constantly checking in with Ifa and Orisa on a weekly basis about how we are doing and what needs to be adjusted as we move on a weekly basis. Showing 1-50 of 135. OSE-TURA is the Holy ODU in IFA, that speaks about OSUN being sent to maintain the world order. It creates chaos and madness in the practice of Orisa and Ifa (odu Otura Oyeku). The babalawo must know which type of Elegbara will be most beneficial to the person. Rasie me above all misfortune in my lifetime. Typically OS&E are products that do not need to be installed. Categories of Ose Ose Ifa is divided into three categories: Orun Ifa, Isan Ifa, and Itadogun Ifa.. Orun: 5th worship, usually observed at home.This is the day to divine for yourself and family. He may have been taken which drug? Through proper interpretation of Odu If, questions with unknown outcomes can be answered. I give thanks to Oldmar *, the Almighty Creator, for allowing me to wake well today. For example, first digit marked is in Much like Ancient Kemets Metu Neter Oracle, The Ifa Oracle is a guide for Righteous Living. The ability of Ifa* to give me the wisdom and guidance to successfully navigate through my life journey is unparalleled. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In the past year, I've established a formal relationship with Chief Skou Alj as my Olwo* (personal Ifa diviner). The remaining 240 minor odu ifa are derived from these 16 major odu. You Chief Alj comes from a rich ancestral lineage of healers, root workers, sacred musicians and African priests. Properly appeasing Esu and having trust in his Oni nijo Ose, Translation Oturupon deals with the spiritual consequence of lack of courage. Always make sure you have integrity, be honest with yourself and others, maintain good character. The traditional Yoruba week has four days. This is done during If divination and advice and messages that is to be interpreted by the Babalawo or Iyanifa during The Yoruba calendar ( Kjd) is a calendar used by the Yoruba people of southwestern and north central Nigeria and southern Benin. This person is advised to take the time to understand any situations and or In this way, Os If encourages the devotee to continually align herself with the will of . My path is clearer, my wisdom is deeper and my heart is purer and all because I'm living in truth. The calendar has a year beginning on the last moon of May or first moon of June of the Gregorian calendar. Adifa fun Orunmila ti nlo re gbe Ojo Ose niyawo Consult an experienced and honest Babalawo to help you understand what applies and if any prescriptions are necessary to address any potential issues. The mother's influence in setting the stage for the child's life and fortune.) proper training and ability to perform this process correctly. ", - Dr. Steven Allwood, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, "Everything has changed for the better since 2011. However, within the traditional Yoruba culture, he is the only Orisa who never betrayed Orunmila and is the one who trades bad luck for good luck. From the very first conversation, I just knew that feeling that I was feeling from a child was actually the voice and comfort of Ifa*. An Odu that has identical symbols on the of If 2022IF Psychology RC: 1699103. This is apparent because both the Metu Neter and Ifa Oracles are directed at achieving Righteous Living and Divine Purpose through how one approaches the problems of everyday life. This cycle continues throughout the year. Happy Ose Ifa to all Ifa devotees globally. Instagram: Ifpsychology To learn more about how you can begin building your relationship through spiritual consultation and weekly prayer contact Chief Alaje. In this article we talk about what is Odu in the Ifa religion and the meaning of the information contained within each Odu. i) Eji Ogbe: The principle of Eji Ogbe is the idea of perfect alignment with Destiny. I will be honest, I didnt know right away how strong it was. $44.44. The ese or If prayers are recited by a Interpretations here. Efe Mena Aletor is a MENTAL HEALTH IF-PRIESTESS, and a SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR whose major mission is to assist others to become well grounded in OR WORKS, so that they can become liberated from all forms of attachments that may bring suffering upon them. The Yoruba observe a spiritual 4-day calendar for Ose Ifa but also have a 7-day calendar which is mainly used for business but can also be linked to certain Orisa Energies. A way for all humans to live in harmony with each other The odu Okanran Ose says "Ifa enjoins he/she should not keep malice." Misogyny is totally taboo in the eyes of Ifa (Odi Meji). The awo told him that if Ojose was, treated with respect and honor, she would be ideal. The Babalawo or Iyanifa will choose the tools Odu If is the blueprint of life used to guide humanity towards the manifestation of their destiny in a positive way. ability to defend the person this Odu was marked for is advised. mysteries, the evolution, and the secrets held by the natural forces of the This information has been gathered by Ifa priests for centuries through divination, real life situations and experiences. Listen to this from Owonrin Ojo Ose(Owonrin ika), Owonrin woka woka 256 Healing Arts 256healingarts@gmail.com. There are two sets of symbols used to denote each odu. However, our spiritual health and well being are often neglected. This was the teaching of Ifa for Iyamooke, the mother who knows how to nurture. While casting the Oracle is restricted to initiates, noninitiates. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Then ifa odu #32 starts with the second major odu Oyekun combined with the first major odu Ejiogbe which results in the minor odu Oyekun Ejiogbe. paperback. Ifa advices to offer ebo to help ensure the pregnancy and delivery of child goes smooth. In Yorubaland we follow a 4 day week or cycle. Be sincere and keep your word. The Ifa divination system, which makes use of an extensive corpus of texts and mathematical formulas, is practiced among Yoruba communities and by the African diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean. If Yoruba religion is based on oral literature scriptures known were especially excited that both were interested in finding an ideal mate. The ancients in nearly every culture used lunar calendars first. Ifa says there's too many scammers among religious leaders, royalty, and politicians. They must be generous to everybody. And there is a reason why. Ifa, I request from you all good things of life Through the trip to descend here to this physical realm, we forgot the agreement and what we said we would do. Ifa divination is a system that aids in The opele nuts when cut in half create a concave and convex side. When I came to Chief Alj, I was unemployed and at a low point in my life journey. Do you have an updated calendar for every month? Ira ni tagbe(Name of the second Priest) Ifa hears our prayers and gives us messages on those days as well so that even on a weekly basis we remain on track and know what to work on. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Like the crossroads, the union of man and woman produces exponential growth with infinite potential. This 25-page handbook is designed for devotees who have Hand of Ifa and/or full Ifa Initiation. the If Apart from this, Ojose would support Obatala in, Consequently. The new year coincides with the If festival. The famous story how OSUN/OSHUN was left out of the works of earth. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. But, I knew it was always there. Categories of Ose Ose Ifa is divided into three categories: Orun Ifa, Isan Ifa, and Itadogun Ifa. Efe Mena Aletor is from Benin, Edo state Nigeria. Culminating with an insightful lecture about Ifa and Orisa. Within the spectrum, we can makes choices affecting the way our potential becomes manifest. In other words an Odu is your life path. Orunmila embodies the cosmogony of the . In this site we attempt to provide this Chief Alajes family legacy is dedicated to the preservation of African Spirituality. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. between Ifa and Olodumare. 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Page created by Ifby akd. May Ifa* bless you and your family in abundance.". There are These ese ifa or verses contain the Ifa advices ebo (sacrifice) to be offered to avoid being a victim or being harmed by dangerous substances such as poison, acid, corrosive chemicals etc. *How to Complete the Ritual. We also go into what is ese Ifa, the verses contained within the Odu as well as provide an example of an ese (verse) from one of the Odu. The worship days are as follows: On these days it is important to sing songs, pray and venerate that Orisa and pray to them for your own personal fortification in the areas they govern. Stay close with Ifa for guidance and support throughout your life. Ao realizarmos o ritual de OSE IFA, buscamos atrair a energia positiva de nosso Odu ao nosso destino, minimizando as percas e . The dominate sign in the divination of the coconut is Eyeife ( Speaks the warriors-elegba, oggun, osun, and oshsoi) Vanity communicate with If. If devotees gather to celebrate, share food, pray and consult the oracle every 4thday. better understanding of oneself and purpose. When the 16 Odu Ifa are combined, a total of 256 Odu emerges which is essentially a collection of 16 Odu, each of which has sixteen alternatives that are believed to reference all situations, circumstances, actions and consequences in life. This information has been passed down orally from generation to generation. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Ose Meji says this person must make a sacrifice. Please do you have the Ose days of August 1980 ? Ose Odi odu ifa mentions the following to the recipient of this odu. of documentation. This Odu says: (speaking of the maternal spirit as essential to one's overall development. One such story is that of how, Generally speaking, a devotee refers to the holy day of her patron rs as. Ifa signs here: As mentioned earlier, the 17th minor odu ifa is a combination of the 1st principle odu and the 2nd principle odu expressed as follows in vertical lines and in 0s and 1s below: Ejiogbe Oyekun or Ogeb Oyeku 17th odu ifa sign; one of the 240 minor odu. Elegbara's wife is Abero and she is always in front of him.

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